Friday, 10 June 2016

Geophysical survey at Hogshaw now complete

The geophyscial surveyors returned to the former Knights Hospitallers' site at Hogshaw last Sunday, 5 June. 

With magnetometry equipment and ground-penetrating radar we surveyed the area where two metre-side masonry walls had been identified in the 2003 watching brief and a section of the field bordering on what is probably a formal garden noted in our 2015 survey.

The results of Sunday's work have not yet been analysed but we're hoping they will offer clues to the position of the one-time parish church of St John the Baptist, which fell into dereliction 300 years ago.

The survey was led by Kris Lockyear of University College London. He will be coming to speak to a BAS Active Archaeology Group meeting in the Autumn about the new work being done at St Albans on Roman Verulamium. Watch this space for details of the meeting.

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