Sunday, 20 December 2015

Geophysical surveys at Cholesbury

Twelve volunteers gathered in a field next to the Iron-Age Cholesbury Camp on Monday 14 December to conduct no fewer than three different geophysical surveys. This included a 'first' in Buckinghamshire: Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR).

There were two questions to answer: Did the outer ditch of the camp continue, now filled-in, beyond the edge of the scheduled area? And what might be causing the rectangular parch-marks noted in dry weather along the field's eastern edge?

Five of the 12 volunteers were AAG members. Others came from Chess Valley and Hertfordshire archaeological societies. The survey was led by Kris Lockyear from University College London.

First results came from metal-detecting by Stuart King: a George I farthing, a broken buckle (possibly Tudor), and a metal strap link, probably from a harness and potentially iron-age. Initial GPR results were disappointing: Kris reported 'land drains, two bonfire sites and some molehills'! Results from the Resistivity and Magnetometry surveys are awaited... 

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