Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hogshaw earthworks survey completed

The final sections of the Hogshaw earthworks survey were measured and recorded on Tuesday 28 July by five members of the AAG. The high wind, which had caused a previous survey to be called off, faded as the day progressed and, with good weather, the last measurements were done before 6pm.

The measurements covered the area around the two mounds which we have tentatively identified as the gateway of the former Knights Hospitallers’ precinct. With the moat and other former water channels, and the ‘formal garden’, the large field to north and east of the Ox House and the small paddock north of the drive have now been fully surveyed.

Seven members of the group completed the work: Bronwen Lee, David Bishop, Janet Dineen, Kate Davies, Pauline Hey, Peter Marsden and Rhian Morgan. David will now draw up the results.

The next step at Hogshaw will be to produce a short report of the geophysical survey results so far for English Heritage, in order to request an extension of our geophysical survey licence so we can complete this. It is a scheduled site.    

Peter M

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